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Our company was established in 1956. Main focus of company was turn into research and manufacturing of industrial gas burners and furnaces. In 1992 privatization was accomplished and company “Ústav využití plynu Brno, s.r.o.“ was established. Our company offers ten assorted of gas-burners with output 5 – 2500 kW including regeneration gas burners with savings up to 70 % of gas, which has been used in more then ten gas furnaces.

Other important field of activity is full supply and planning work in sphere of using and disposal of burnable gases, especially biogases, process gases and low-calorie gases. Firstly we deal with degasification of landfill sites, utilization of landfill gas for generation of electricity, cogeneration, in some case utilization in subsidiary enterprises. In association with landfill sites we carry out monitoring of landfill gas generation, pumping test for quantitative assumption checking, operation and service of degasifying system. In this activities we have had a multiyear experiences and we participated in technical standard creation for degasification landfill sites and their monitoring.

Also we do and execute utilization gas projects for technologies with heat requirement whose part is waste treatment plant or biogas station. We project and supply as well biogas station with focus to higher content of dry residue in working excrement. We exercise a pilot station for anaerobic treatment at Brno – Černovice.

Main activities

Gas burners and gas furnaces

  • Deliveries gas burners for industry including regenerating burners
  • Development of new gas burners in compliance with clients
  • Reconstruction of older gas furnaces by complement with new heating system and regeneration burners
  • Deliveries gas melting pots for non-ferrous metal including furnaces with recuperator
  • Deliveries gas rotary furnaces (system TRF) with oxygen burners including charger
  • Deliveries new gas furnaces with regenerating burners for steel heating before forging and for ceramic industry
  • Deliveries driers with gas burners for ceramic industry
  • Deliveries shaft smelting and holding furnaces for aluminium alloys.

Line of biogas utilization

  • Full supply and planning work in sphere of using and disposal of burnable gases
  • Concepts, project documentation and realization of degasifying systems and equipments for power generating from landfill gas
  • Landfill gas utilization for generation of electricity eventually cogeneration
  • Realizations and repairing of conducting system for landfill gas (PEHD, stainless steel)
  • Optimization of degasifying system, adjustment of suction rates at single point of supply.
  • Technical advice in the sphere of landfill gas energy utilization
  • Control executing of landfill gas generation in accordance with IPPC and ČSN 83 8036
  • Control executing of landfill gas product quantitative test
  • Operation and maintenance service of installed pumping stations and electric motor-generator sets (cogeneration units)
  • Biogas stations with horizontal reactor projection
  • Operation a pilot station for anaerobic treatment
  • Projection and realization of biogas utilization from waste treatment plants
  • Feasibility studies and energetic audit
  • Deliveries and maintenance service of burners for grower distillery