Crucible gas furnace with waste heat recuperation

Technical parameters

Furnace volume
600 up to 1000 kg Al
Mammut-Wetro, Vesuvius, …
Melting output
350 up to 450 kg Al/h
Guaranteed consumption
max. 70 - 95 m3N/1t Al
natural gas (5 kPa)
Temperature of combustion air
max. 300 °C
Furnace heating
UNIKOL automatic gas burner
Type of control system
Burner ignition
high voltage ignition
Flame watching
by UV sound
Burner regulation
continuous by thermoelements inside the furnace and crucible
Meltage pouring out
by hydraulic swinging down of furnace and pouring out of melted material into the transport pan
Exhaustion of combustion products
by side piping with draft interrupter running out up through the hall roof

Crucible gas furnace with waste heat recuperation

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The furnace operation follows by means of an external switchboard containing the complete electro equipment for automatic functioning of the crucible furnace inclusively the main and breakdown switch, PLC Siemens Simatic graphic display informing of operation and running deeds, preceding control system, possibility of furnace automotive operation or manual handling.
Regulation of melting material temperature follows by thermoelements placed on the crucible wall inside the furnace. The system receives corrections, differences between the actual melting material temperature and those of crucible.

Furnace Size
KP 600
KP 800
KP 1000
Crucible Type
TP(X) 587 (SiC)
TP(X) 800 (SiC)
TP(X) 800/H2 (SiC)
Burner Capacity
350 kW
400 kW
420 kW
Melting Output
300 kg Al/h
350 kg Al/h
450 kg Al/h


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