Holding gas furnaces, heating system NG/oxygen

Technical parameters

Furnace volume
6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 24 and 26 t of Al-melting material
NG (100 kPa) + O2
gas-oxygen burner
Type of control system
Burner supplier
SIAD S.p.A., SOL SpA, Air Products, Messer Technogas
Burner ignition
pilot burner with high voltage ignition and UV flame watching
Main burner flame watching
UV sound
Burner regulation
continuous 0/MAX, by thermoelements in ceiling and melting material
Melting material refining
by nitrogen stones in bottom with flowage regulation
Melt pouring out
hydraulic, double-speed tilting
Exhaustion of combustion products
in gate or furnace sidewall (as per burner placing)
Furnace weighing
3 or 4 tensiometers under the hydro-cylinder and swing-down consoles

Holding gas furnaces, heating system NG+oxygen

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The furnace operation follows by means of an external switchboard containing the complete electro equipment for automatic functioning of the holding furnace inclusively the main and breakdown switch. The PLC Siemens Simatic control system with visual representation enables changing of regimes, e.g. for tempering under lower temperature, controlled lining firing, reverse seeking of melting material temperature values etc. Temperature adaptation to thermoelements in ceiling and melting material. Hydraulic attending of furnace tilting. Visual representation of perimeters. Diagnosis of perimeter troubles. Nitrogen flow control.


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