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Burner to pipeline STARVEINE

Use of burner

Those burners are used for heating of bigger volumes of mixture of air and combustion products to maximal temperature 650 °C. They are placed directly into pipeline and provided as an assembled set including full automatic gas equipment. Combustion air is taken up from heated air. Drying kilns and preheating of ceramic materials devices are the main domain of use are in which STARVEINEs replace traditional mono-block burners and combustion chambers with substantially lower heat loss and investment. They are not sensitive to changes in pressure of heated medium.

Performance parameters of burner

Fuel: natural gas
Pressure of gas: 4 – 10 kPa
Max. temperature of heated medium: front burner - up to appr. 500 °C
behind the burner - 50°C to appr. 650 °C
Output of burner: basic modules 75, 150, 225 kW
assembled according to demanded output (max. 5 MW)
Regulation of output: continuous from 1 : 10 to 1 : 30, according to size
of burner also by program, (± 2,5 °C)
Content of emissions: CO, NOx appr. 6 ppm under temperature of medium 300 °C

Equipment:VN ignition, ionization or UV probe of flame