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High-velocity burner UNIVEX

Use of burner

The burner is designed as a heavy-duty burner for hardest applications especially in ceramic industry, glass industry or in steel. It is equipped with parts from re-crystallised SiC what guaranties using under highest temperatures. Non-typical construction provides a wide range of operating modes.

Drying: temperature of flue gas 200 – 400 °C with ionization probe
Heating: stabilized flame, with ionization probe, NOx = 100 – 130 mgm-3 under 1300 °C
Burning: free flame without ionization probe, NOx = 100 – 130 mgm-3 under 1300°C
Cooling: burner works as a cooling jet

Technical parameters

Fuel: natural gas
Pressure of gas: 5 kPa
Pressure of combustion air: 5 kPa
Temperature of combustion air: 0 – 750°C
Overpressure of stabilising air: 5 kPa, not preheated
Rated output: 25 kW (max. 40 kW)
40 kW (max. 63 kW)
63 kW (max. 100 kW)
100 kW (max. 160 kW)
Output velocity of flue gas: 20 – 150 ms-1 (depends on diameter of jet)
Regulation of output: continuous from 1 : 10; by step 1 : 5
also by program according to temperature (± 2,5 °C)
Content of NOx: 70 – 210 mgm-1 (according to temperature of combustion air)
Equipment: VN ignition, ionization or UV probe of flame