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Pipe burner BIFLAME

Use of burner

Burners BIFLAME are produced according to wish of our customers. They are built for preheating of dies, kokils, annealing of welds and folds, for heating of crucible with Zn or Sn, glass. etc. They are distinguished by sharp and stabilized flame with full pre-mixture and by extraordinary output.

Technical parameters

Fuel: natural gas
Gas pressure: 2 to 100 kPa
Output of burner: 15 – 200 kW on a meter of length according to choice of output diameter
Regulation: continuous appr. 1 : 3 or by step
Content of NOx: 70 – 150 mgm-3
Equipment: VN ignition, ionization or UV probe of flame.

There is a possibility of production of these burners with various shade, burner to pipeline with outputs in „MWs“.