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Recuperative burner SIMPLER

Use of burner

A modern recuperator burner designed for annealing furnaces (version NT to 1150 °C) and heating furnaces (version VT to 1250 °C) where is a saving of gas (25 – 35 percent) attained with low emission of NOx and intense convection in furnace space. A durable construction and first-quality materials including jet from re-crystallized SiC provide a long-term lifespan.

Technical parameters

Rated output: 160 kW 30 kW
Fuel: natural gas natural gas
Pressure of gas: 2 – 3,5 kPa 5 kPa
Pressure of combustion and ejection air: 5 kPa 5 kPa
Minimal output: 50 kW 10 kW
Output velocity of flue gas: 80 ms-1 80 ms-1
Regulation: continous 1 : 0,5 by step 0 – MAX
Content NOx: 150 – 450 mgm-3 (according to temperature)
Equipment: VN ignition, ionization or UV probe of flame.
160 kW External diameter of recuperator 240 mm, length of a whole burner 800 mm Thickness of furnace wall 450 mm.