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High-velocity burner SIMPLER

Use of burner

This type of burner is proposed for tunnel kilns in ceramic industry with maximal temperature 1400 °C, especially for burning of fine pottery. It is provided with a build-in meter of flow of gas and also with jet from re-crystallized SiC.

Technical parameters

Fuel: natural gas
Pressure of gas: 3,5 – 5,5 kPa
Combustion air: 0 – 700 °C; 2 – 3 kPa (depends on velocity of fuel gas)
Nominal output: 40 kW, 63 kW a 160 kW
Maximal output velocity: appr. 170 ms-1
Regulation of output continuous from 1 : 10; by step 1 : 5
Content of NOx: (0 – 400 °C) 90 mgm-3 (cool air)

Equipment: VN ignition, ionization or UV probe of flame