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Regenerative burners system REGENS

Use of burner

Regenerations burners are used as a heating unit of heating furnaces with operating temperatures in range 600 – 1850 °C. They are designed for furnaces in steel industry, ceramic industry and in glass industry.

Company ÚVP Brno s.r.o. has developed this burners as only one in Czech republic. We can offer solution Regens – Jet, Regens – Multiflame and Regens – Monoflame (it depends on type and size of furnace). By utilization this burners in older furnaces we archived of fuel saving 50 – 70 %.


Regens – Jet Combination of regenerator a high speed velocity burner. Each burner`s outputs to furnace with power over 200 kW. Suitable for big furnace and high temperature.
Regens – Multiflame To regenerator integrated burner. Gap outputs around all lenght of regenerator with power from 30 kW/1 gap. Extraordinary homogenous heating. Suitable for small furnace.

Technical parameters

Fuel: natural gas
Pressure of fuel: 100 kPa
Overpressure of air/flue: + 5 kPa/ – 5 kPa
Preheating of combustion air: 90 – 95 % temperature of furnace
Temperature in chimney: max. 200°C
Reversing time: 60 – 180 s by size
Output of burner: min. 100 kW až 20 MW

Regeneration systems are solved and delivered as a complete, including assembling and setup, according to customer`s needs.